CVE Asks from Community Leaders

  • Bring your masjid board into the loop and decline requests from law enforcement to collaborate on CVE programs.
  • Host a CVE workshop at your masjid, hosted in partnership between CAIR-LA and the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative. These modules will work to build intra-community relationships, increase social consciousness about the experiences of communities of color with law enforcement, and promote civic engagement around CVE and other important issues facing our.
  • Take advantage of CAIR-LA and Muslim ARC’s CVE Toolkit which includes talking points for jumuah khutbahs and media interviews, a national security timeline, a general petition for community members, and other resources.
  • Work to demystify the root causes of extremism and meet the needs of those on the fringes of our communities:

1. Address mental health issues. The vast majority of individuals who fall prey to FBI entrapment are disenfranchised individuals with a history of mental illness. Continue to make mental health services readily available and employ the help of Muslim counselors to provide needed support for our community.

2. Address political and economic disenfranchisement. Many individuals who are entrapped or recruited as informants have faced a personal history of incarceration, are manipulated through their socioeconomic constraints, or have immigration issues, and are generally on the fringes of our community. Continue to provide safe spaces to address the diverse needs of our community and provide outlets for political engagement at your Islamic Centers.

3. Continue providing Islamic and spiritual development. As mentioned, Islam is an antidote to violent extremism. Continue your important work as teachers and moral guides.


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